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Our difficult "second album" kind of project is out. Today! All art was done by me, as usual. You can check the free demo on our website, watch the trailer, see screenshots.. read about all the extra stuff. And there's tons of it! This time we offer Collector's Edition and super-special Physical Limited Edition as well. Learn more at MoaCube :heart:

Solstice is a fantasy mystery thriller about small personal disasters that can turn into great catastrophes. Set in the middle of an icy desert, it features a varied (in many ways) cast of colourful characters. And a hidden mystery for you to solve. Also - lots of great humour and deep emotions, written by our awesome writing duo. Remember that if you decide to buy the game - all the money go directly to us. We're a small indie studio, just 4-5 people. So basically thanks to you, since 2011, we can still make games. What I mean by that - you're awesome!

Here's our poster!
Solstice Movie / Game poster by vinegar

And check out the goodies!
Solstice - limited edition goodies by vinegar

Meet some of our characters!
Solstice - Characters by vinegar

And visit some locations:
Solstice - Panorama by vinegar Solstice - Market by vinegar
Solstice - Inn by vinegar Solstice - Market in the snow by vinegar

The game is an interactive crime fiction with visual novel gameplay (meaning your decisions matter and shape the story, a LOT!). Can't say much more at this point without spoiling the story, but we think it's a pretty exciting experience.

What makes the game different from other titles, I think, are our characters. We went for variety and interesting backstories. So, no general cliches. We actually have older, mature people in game and some relationships are pretty complex. Influencing them shapes the story as well, sometimes to a pretty big extent - check the screenshots above and in the link below.

More info at MoaCube :heart:

Cheers, guys!

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renllig Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Zdaje się, że wykonałaś tam kawał dobrej roboty! Ile czasu zajęło namalowanie Ci wszystkich lokacji i postaci? Wydaje się być to wszystko bardzo rozbudowane :) Super!
vinegar Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2016
Dzięki wielkie! Nie zajęło dużo tak naprawdę, ale gra miała sporo opóźnień, więc większość rzeczy zrobiłam ze 2-3 lata temu, a potem co jakiś czas dorabiałam czego brakowało lub co się zmieniło. Ej, w ogóle to chyba będę na Pyrkonie w tym roku, można się będzie spotkać :) Będziemy mieli stoisko z Artist on Board, więc pewnie gdzieś tam się będę kręcić.
renllig Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
O jasne! bardzo chętnie... będę trochę pomagała przy obsłudze Pyrkonu ale z pewności znajdę chwilę czasu żeby wpaść na spotkanie! Bardzo się cieszę! :D
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