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February 27, 2005
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TUTORIAL 02 - digital drawing by vinegar TUTORIAL 02 - digital drawing by vinegar
This is the second tutorial from the promised ones. This one has tips about DRAWING and COLORING and adding PATTERNS and TONES.

Fits for Photoshop, Opencanvas, Painter and even PaintShop Pro users..

if you're looking for the digital painting tutorial it's here - [link]

hope it'll be helpful for those of you who kept asking me all the questions and it might give some tips for others as well ^_~

click it big to read the tutorial. this time i made its width 1000px so it should more comfortable to read it, 'cause the only thing you need to do is scrolling down, it fits nicely in the window :giggle:
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Frei-Frei Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2005  Student Artist
to wspaniale, że sa takie osoby jak ty, które pieknie koloruja, rysują i niezatrzymuja tego tylko dla sibie jak to robią, ale dzielą się swoim doświadczeniem, odkryciami z innymi aby im pomóc
i ja dziękuję tobie za tego tutka :glomp: jak narazie OC nieuzywam, bo niemam pojęcia jak się za niego zabrać, co, gdzie jak i wogóle ale jak tylko do czegoś dojde to wykorzystam twojego tutka
ubolewam tylko nad jednym, że nie ma wersji polskiej tego tutoriala :cry:, bo u mnie z angielskim to takniebardzo :(, no ale nic to wkoncu niebędziesz robiła wersji polskiej dla jednej tylko osoby, jakos to bedzie, może sobie poradze
no naprawdę bardzo dobry pomysł z tym tutem :hug:
Majnouna Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2005  Professional General Artist
That was very interesting, thank you :)
ElfHybridMarielle Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
When I come home I will test this out, I think you just taught me 90% of the stuff I've been wanting to know^^
Tsubasa-No-Kami Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
luffily tutorial ^^ ty!
Evil-Wench Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2005
Awesome tutorial, incredibly well written... I especially appreciate you showing the "messy" parts of coloring (somehow I always feel as though, if I don't get it perfect the first time, I must be a failure :lol: I know it's not true, but my inner critic just won't shut up sometimes)
Ashia-chan Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2005
nya, kolejne boskie porady:love: nyu moze w koncu naucze sie korzystac z layerow XD
kixxster Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2005
i think i'll find some of it useful, but im still a bit lost about the patterns thing....not sure where you're putting that or what ur using for patterns. but overall great tut!
vinegar Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2005
i make patterns out of photos or i draw them. i actually wrote it down in this tutorial ;)
kixxster Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2005
must've missed that part, i'll have to read it again, thanks!
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