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November 5, 2012
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GW2 Shan sketch by vinegar GW2 Shan sketch by vinegar
Done around the end of August, a quick sketch of my friend's character in GW2. Some wip shots at my blog: [link]

Just keeping my portfolio here up to date :)
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ALLthingsPURPLE-51 Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very beautiful and a stunning example of the "perfect woman," if there truly IS such a thing! :)  Love that you didn't give this redhead the traditional green eyes and the purple that surrounds all that beautiful red hair really makes this "pop" :clap:
wings--of--hope Jun 30, 2013   Traditional Artist
Very beautiful !
Beautiful! And I love seeing an artist who doesn't give all redheads green eyes. ;)

One crit, if you want them: Her eyes are misaligned. The one on our left is both higher and more tilted than the one on our right.

When we're looking almost straight at a face, as we are here, you can check this kind of alignment by drawing a line from one corner of the mouth to the other; from one nostril to the other: from one inner corner of the eye to the other; ditto the pupils, and the outer corners of the eyes.

Looking at a face straight on, all of those lines should be parallel.

But when I cover one of her eyes with my hand, and see what she'd look like if they matched, I can't tell which one I like better. The eye on our left is more exotic and traditionally lovely, while the one on our right makes her look younger and more human.

And I'm half in love with both of 'em. ;)

Beautiful work!

You play GW2? YES! :)
Beautifully done. She's almost inhumanly pretty, and that's all I'd change about it. I'd add an insignificant line or flaw somehow, somewhere just so as to make her look more human.
Mind you, in all this, I can't draw a lick; my gift, such as it is, is with words.
Incredible work, the realsim and life in the picture is superb. Very well done!
Beautiful picture, really well done :D Also really reminds me of my guardian, she looks really similar: [link]
crystayna Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
how quick is quick?
ha, good question. I'd say the initial sketch took around an hour or two. Then I left it for a weekend, and then I spent at least 1 more hour on tweaking the face and hair, repainting most of it during the process.

My sketches are usually really quick, but it's those little details (that I really like) that steal most of my time :D
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