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Free stock pack 007 by vinegar Free stock pack 007 by vinegar
Rules to use my stock:

1. All my stock materials placed here (that excludes my art) are FREE for both COMMERCIAL & personal use.

2. You can freely use the resources in your creations, as a part of it, but you can't resell or share them as a whole in any form (this includes bundles).

3. Credits are always encouraged and a nice gesture, but they are not strictly required.

That means it'd be nice if you'd put a link back to me if you can (DA, your website), but no need to contact me if you're selling your art as a commercial work. Yes, for real.


That's it. Why am I doing this? I got sick of browsing references and textures that are "free" to use, but need to be credited everywhere - even if it's something really small - or someone will sue your ass off. So I decided if nobody else is doing it, I will.

Materials I share here are not top stock quality, so don't bother complaining, but are the ones I find useful. They are also in raw state - meaning some can have bad lights, noise etc.

They're meant to be used as references, textures and bits for matte painting, brushes etc., not photos that are good to use as a whole (although some will be good enough).

Hope you'll find them useful! :heart: More on my website, I have no time and patience to upload all of it here.

If you want to donate and support me wasting time and running around, taking shots of every silly thing I find.. I mean paying for server space of course, I will appreciate it a lot! - [link]
Rachelevans1013 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012  Professional Writer
Absolutely beautiful stuff! Thanks for providing this. :heart:
yogoleft Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
A true artists perspective
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